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Urgent Announcement – WannaCry Ransomware Alert


Over the weekend the world saw a massive cyberattack spread. This attack is a form of Ransomware called “WannaCry”. But, according to an article on CNN, cyber security experts were stunned worldwide by the outbreak of WannaCry, a ransomware that infects Windows computers and locks down all files, holding them for ransom. Victims of the attack have six hours to pay and the ransom amount grows with time.

How is it spreading:

The initial attack vector has been email, through spam. These messages are typically fake invoices; job offers and other lures which are sent to random email addresses. Within the email is a .zip file and once clicked, that initiates the WannaCry infection. The file extension used is .wncry, which drops a ransomware notification named: @Please_Read_Me@.txt in common file and folder locations.

Microsoft released a patch on March 14th, 2017 to fix this vulnerability. MS17-101 This patch was made available for computers running Microsoft Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10. If you have computers running Windows XP, Server 2003 or Windows 8 (which was not updated to 8.1) we recommend you immediately download and install the patch for the appropriate Operating System found at this Microsoft Website.

If you are an IntermixIT Managed Service client, this patch was approved and installed in March and you’ve been protected all along. In addition, our advanced antimalware technology provides other protections that prevent Ransomware in general.

What is the best way to protect myself?

The most effective protection is through our CompleteIT Managed Service offerings, coupled with our Intelligent Business Continuity services. These services provide advanced defense-in-depth security; managed proactive Microsoft and 3rd party maintenance; and rock-solid backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity systems, which are the ultimate defense against Ransomware. Contact us today at hello@intermixit.com to find out more. Or check out our website for a free security assessment.

What can you do right now if you are NOT already an IntermixIT client:

There are a few ways in which you can protect yourself from not only “WannaCry” but ransomware in general.

1. Update Windows computers with all recommended Microsoft security patches.
2. Ensure you have online backup with revisions
3. Avoid opening suspicious emails – usually containing job offers, shipping tracking numbers or fake invoices.
4. The moment you think you might have been infected, turn the computer off and call IntermixIT at 1-800-308-8203
5. Schedule a Free Security Assessment for your business.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

The IntermixIT Team