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Next Generation Wireless & Security

Cisco Meraki is the best in next generation wireless networking and network security. With complete and central cloud management, total application control and high capacity WiFi, Meraki is the best solution for security and wireless access that money can buy.

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The Future of Wireless Technology

Easy to manage, endless capabilities, and top notch security, the Cisco Meraki line of wireless technology offers the perfect advantage to your organization. Maybe you need to centrally manage your wireless networks from the cloud, require high-powered analytics and reporting, or want to establish a BTOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment with guest WiFi capability, Meraki is your answer. IntermixIT is ready to support and deploy your next generation WLAN.

Cloud Managed Network Security

The Cisco Meraki line of network security products offers centrally managed products including wireless LAN, switches and security appliances (firewalls). The Meraki line of firewalls combine the strenth of traditional Cisco products paired with the ease of Meraki. Full managed and designed for the cloud, Cisco Meraki comes complete with application controls and content filtering. If your obligations include HIPAA and PCI compliance, IntermixIT and Cisco Meraki are ready to ensure you are protected.

Manage Your Network From Anywhere

The Cisco Meraki line of equipment is designed with the idea that you should be able to manage your network from anywhere. You can manage campus-wife WiFi deployments, or multi-site networks all from you Meraki dashboard. You can apply policys and make changes to specific devices, applications and users from anywhere. The Meraki dashboard gives you a “single pane of glass” to manage all your devices across all your locations.

Create and Manage Your BYOD Environment

BYOD capabilities is the distinctive separator for Cisco Meraki. Standard layer 7 client fingerprinting allows the manager to see what attached devices are causing the highest impact, paired with built in analytics a network manager can quicklu determine which access points are getting used during a certain amount of time. This insight can be valuable when pushing out device specif policies.

Take Control of Network Activity

Meraki Security Firewalls offer state-of-the-art end user content filtering. Unauthorized web applications and banned websites can easily be blocked for individual users or user groups during set times or all the time. Applications can also be prioritized, giving preference to VoIP traffic with lower bandwidth going to other websites.

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