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We Are IntermixIT – Blending Business & Technology

All businesses use technology. The secret is blending the right technology that’s a fit for your business.
By customizing the right technology to fit your business needs, your technology works for you, not against you.

What’s Our Story?

The theory behind IntermixIT started in 2003, when the need for professional, reliable, and cost effective IT solutions was prevalent around Central PA. We opened our doors as “Capital City Computers,” a one-man-band with a simple goal of providing the best computer service in the area. At that specific time, the “.com” bubble had burst and the market was flooded with capable computer technicians looking for work, thus, computer repair shops started popping up everywhere.

The problem was the computer technician knew how to fix computers but had no idea how to provide non-technical, technical support. What’s that mean, you ask? Well, truth be told, while a lot of technicians are great at fixing IT problems, they aren’t so great at communicating with the client in a non-technical manner. You see, if you can’t effectively communicate with your client you’re just a service person there to fix something when it breaks. Most small businesses didn’t have the budget to do preventative maintenance, so the IT technician would only visit the customer’s site when they had issues and profited every time they went out there. Nothing was being done to prevent issues before they happened.

See how this is a flawed business model for both the technician and customer?

In 2010 Capital City Computers re-branded as IntermixIT and completely revamped core services. We concentrated on building solutions that incorporate proactive maintenance, secure data protection, business continuity, and responsive IT support. When you blend the right technology into a business, your technology runs smoother, employees are more productive, and money is made.

Blending business and technology is what it’s all about – make technology work for you, not against you.

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